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Hey everyone!  I look super attractive right now.016

The worst thing about going to a college that uses the quarter system is the midterms.  Midterm week is literally every week, and some classes even have more than one midterm.  I also have another month left in school.  All my friends from my hometown are posting facebook statuses like “OMG OMG HELLO SUMMER!!” and “BYEBYE FRESHMAN YEAR, I’M A SOPHOMORE NOW!”  Well aren’t you special.  Meanwhile, I’m doing this…


Yay for eukaryotic gene regulation!

By the way, I’m switching majors.   Being a biology major just isn’t my cup of tea, and the professional opportunities after undergrad will be limited to (1) grad school and (2) grad school.  I might end up in grad school, who knows, but I want a program that gives me the tools to work right out of undergrad if I want to.  I’m switching to Human Communication Sciences, which is a hidden gem at my university.  It’s a small program with small classes and plenty of opportunities to do research.  I’m so excited!

I’m also majoring in Art History.  Just because I enjoy it and it makes me feel incredibly smart and pretentious. Winking smile  Check out that bourgeoisie leisure and Baudelairean view of society!

This is Monet’s La Grenoillère of 1869.  And it’s awesome.

Enough about school, now onto some more important matters! Smile with tongue out

Note to self: Instagramming food isn’t always the best idea.  This scone looks like a radioactive rock.029

But I promise, it wasn’t!  Just lots of toffee chocolate chip deliciousness.  I got it from a nearby café called Fraiche.  It’s super cute: if I were to decorate a café, it would look exactly like Fraiche.  The food is all high-quality and very yummy. And they have CUPCAKES!  How can you NOT love a place with cupcakes?


I’m getting better at slyly taking photos of people…034


I have no shame – there were ducklings!


See the goose who looks like he/she is walking toward me?  Yeah, about 30 seconds after taking this picture, that goose hissed at me.  I didn’t know that geese had tongues.

That’s all for now – I’m off to study and then to way too many meetings!