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I just signed up for Tone It Up’s Bikini Season challenge!  The more of their website that I read, the more I wish I was one of the Tone It Up girls.  Like actually.



My sorority has its spring formal coming up, and I just bought a dress for it online today.  Here’s my outfit plan…


The dress is from J. Crew and it was one of those things that I tried on, loved, but refused to buy.  A bright pink dress?  And we all know J. Crew isn’t the cheapest store on the block.  But then, today, I happened to be on the J. Crew website, and…

it was on sale.

CHECKOUT CHECKOUT CHECKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was my first reaction.  I was in the library so I didn’t run around dancing in circles, but that would have been an appropriate response.  I love sales.  I love J. Crew.  I love pink dresses.

Then the reality set in that I was in the library and I had to do this…


Which is where I am now.