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Wow… I’m a terrible blogger.

It’s been almost a month since my last post!  I’ve been way too busy, which always happens at the end of the quarter, but thankfully it’s almost over.  SpRiNg BrEaL 2K12!!!  Aka me sitting on my couch at home watching trashy TV and hitting up all the stores I’ve missed so dearly.  TJMaxx, Target, Container Store, Trader Joe’s, why must you be so far from school?  I’m a broke college kid in dire need of some retail therapy.  Not buying anything, per se, but just looking at stuff and thinking about buying it makes me so happy.  I can’t wait. Smile

As for food, I’ve been trying to be healthy but sometimes in times of stress you just want some chocolate.  So have it.  It won’t kill you.  Unless you’re allergic to it, in which case you shouldn’t be craving chocolate anyway.

My intestines continue to bother me, so I eat extremely bland, boring food.  Even blander than before, which, surprisingly, is possible!

Plain Panera bagels (so good!) with plain cream cheese.  The plain one is my dinner, and the two sesame ones are my boyfriend’s.


Noodles and Company mac n’ cheese is comfort food at its finest.  The boyfriend had never been to Noodles (SHOCKING I know!) but I think I converted him.


I wrote an article for my school’s gym magazine!  I wrote the article in fall and to be honest, I totally forgot that I wrote it.   I  was reading it on the elliptical when I thought to myself, “This sounds really familiar!” Smooth.


That’s all I have for now!  I promise I’ll return to more normal posting soon.  In the meantime, here is a picture of the cutest puppy in the world.