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Ring, ring, Valentine’s day!


I needed an excuse to put this photo into a post; it is just too funny!

My Valentine’s day was lovely because for the first time in EVER I actually had a valentine!  I bought him chocolate and made him a card… and he one-upped me like he does every day in school and height and metabolism. 

A tangent: Sebastian has the metabolism of a god.  A very skinny god.  It’s my mission to fatten him up by cooking for him making him eat ice cream sundaes at every meal.

Look, he got me a dozen roses!


As well as peanut butter M&M’s and mini Reese’s cups.  Not the regular-sized ones, the mini ones.  They have a better peanut butter : chocolate ratio.

At night, Sebastian took me out to a fancy dinner at Bravo!  We were classy as always…


Sebastian ordered a chicken dish, and I ordered rigatoni with spinach, grilled chicken, basil, and pesto cream sauce.  Topped with lots of parmesan, of course!  I’m the girl who eats bowls of grated parmesan with a spoon.  Don’t judge.

Anyway, it was delicious.  Bravo! never fails me.


The waitress serving us seemed to think we were just stupid teenagers who didn’t know how to tip.  Oh but NO… we’re stupid teenagers who worked in the food service business.  Yay for defying stereotypes!

After dinner, Sebastian and I roamed around World Market looking at random stuff we don’t really need.  I oogled over all their bird stuff.  I will totally be one of those old ladies with a house full of bird-themed needlepoint samplers and wallpaper.

This morning, I had a job interview!  AGHHHH!  I think it went well but obviously I don’t know for sure.  After the interview I changed into my new AXO shirt…


The white board behind me is Sebastian’s word of the day board.  He actually writes a new one every day.  Today’s is “vena cava.”  We are such nerds.

I then went to my classes, history and chemistry, and then to the gym.  30 minutes on the elliptical + Cosmo = de-stressing at its finest!


It’s Pledge Mom Week for my sorority, so an older sister is buying me gifts all week and sending them anonymously!  Today’s gift was a lovely song by some amazing guy singers, Noodles & Company mac n’ cheese, Diet Coke, a brownie, and lots of AXO stuff!  This week is literally like Christmas if Christmas lasted a week and was full of sorority surprises.  I love it!


I have about a gazillion and one things to do this week but hopefully I’ll get them all done without going crazy!  Chemistry is the worst… the teacher lectures and says “when you’re doing your homework, do this blahblahblah…” but doesn’t assign homework based on the stuff we learned.  So we are just expected to know it without ever actually practicing it.  Grrrrreat.

That’s all for now, sorry I’ve been MIA from reading/commenting on all your lovely blogs Sad smile  I promise I’ll be back soon!