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Oh my gosh, it has been such a crazy week!  Between studying, sorority stuff, meetings, and just general craziness, I’m extremely happy it’s all winding down a bit.  I like being busy, but there’s only so much I can do in a day!

I did manage to take a few food photos, though.


Lunch: toast with pesto hummus (OMG YUM) and cucumber + carrot salad with balsamic vinegar…


Dinner: a yummy spinach salad topped with cucumber and feta, crispy fish, and a roll.


So yeah… this was so necessary: the past few days have been marathon days!  On Friday I went to a 9 am class, then studied for a test, then took the test, then went to my chemistry lab, then got ready for a sorority event in the chemistry building, then was at the event until 1 am.  This Diet Coke was consumed over the course of the day…


Even Hello Kitty is exhausted!


Art history + study snack!


One of my favorite parts of the sorority event on Friday was that the fraternity guys gave us all roses!  My roommate and I are hanging ours upside-down so they dry nicely.


On Saturday, I studied all day (bleh) and made cinnamon toast with my boyfriend at night.  We sold it to people in the dorm as a fundraiser for Dance Marathon, and even though we didn’t make much money, it was a lot of fun!


I just got back from a family super bowl party, and there was tons of delicious food there!  Photos + recipes to come… hopefully soon! Smile