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Hello, lovelies Smile  I’m currently drowning in a big pile of homework but that’s okay because I’ve got an entire night free to do it, which is a rare occurrence!  I thought I would focus only on school in college and stop doing extracurriculars, but that is definitely not the case.  I’m more involved now than I ever was in high school!  Anyway… what have I been up to?

On Sunday I visited the Art Institute for my art history class.  I’ve been countless times but taking the class has given me a new appreciation for the art, which is pretty cool.  I definitely felt like a pretentious yuppie staring at this painting, Berthe Morisot’s Woman at her Toilette for 20 minutes. :/


I also saw this guy chilling in the gallery…


And work from my favorite artist- Degas!  His ballerina paintings always take my breath away…


I then returned home and realized I had a ton of stuff to do and I’d better get my head out of the artsy clouds and into this laundry list of work, which is where I stand now.  Typing away at my little laptop being antisocial.  Gotta love it. Smile


This book is the bane of my existence.  It taunts me with its blank white cover just begging to be drawn on…


But let’s look at the bright side… I did have a really good breakfast this morning!  I swear, breakfast in the dining hall is the only good meal there.  I should go more often!  I got a made-to-order egg white omelet with cheese, salt, and pepper


Banana nut bread with peanut butter on top…


Then I went to my first class, art history, where I sipped on some vanilla caramel black tea in a crowded lecture hall.   I bring my own tea and mug and fill it with hot water from the dining hall, then sip on it all day like it’s the nectar of the gods.  I’m pretty sure the guy sitting behind me noticed me taking this picture.  Whatevs.


A quote for the day…

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And a question for you…

What is your favorite kind of tea?