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I love organizing.  It makes my chaotic life seem simpler, which is always good!This chart is life-saving.  I made it myself and it’s kind of the best organization tool ever.  Everything is neat and tidy and all on one page, and you can write as much or as little as you want in each box.  Save it to your computer, print out a copy, try it, and let me know what you think.


Here’s an example chart.  I like to set this as my desktop background so when I go on my laptop, I know exactly what needs to get done!  It also makes everything look a lot less daunting.hwchart2

Here is a blank one (because you aren’t in the same classes/activities as I am… at least I assume you’re not) that you can print out.  It’s free… obviously.


Of course, if you like things organized by day (and sometimes I do too!) then here’s a printable for you…


I personally don’t like planning my weekends by the day (too structured… I need to have some fun!), so this calendar is great because it has one box for the entire weekend.   Again, save it, print it, and use it as you please.


I made these planners myself, so please don’t put them on your site and pass them off as your own.  That’s just not nice.

Happy Sunday!