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This scenario happens fairly often in college:  you just don’t want to walk to the dining hall.  It doesn’t matter where the dining hall is- if it isn’t 4 feet or less away from you, it’s just not happening.  That’s where dorm snacks come in.  Here are my essentials for staying healthy in college without spending too much money.

Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Dinners

Pesto Tortellini Bowl

Stuffed Pasta Shells Bowl

Macaroni & Cheese

They’re all organic and super good for you, but tasty too!  You won’t feel bad about heating up a frozen dinner after a long day if you choose a healthy option.

Hummus and pitas


Need a quick snack?  Have half a pita with hummus.  Want a full meal?  Have an entire pita with hummus!  This is one of the few snack foods that is satisfying enough to also be a good lunch or dinner.  Or breakfast.  I don’t judge.

Chocolate Covered Anything


Well… maybe not anything!  But chocolate-covered nuts or malted milk balls are great quick energy boosts when you just need that chocolate fix.  The nuts have healthy fats and vitamins, while the malt balls take a longer time to chew so you are forced to sloooooow down.  Dark chocolate is better (hello, antioxidants!) but if you’re not used to the bitterness, start with a low cacao percentage and work your way up.  I can tolerate around 80% cacao now, but 100% is just way too bitter for me!

Microwave Popcorn


Popcorn is a perfect snack for when you want something satisfying that won’t weight you down.  Just 2 minutes in the microwave and you have plenty to share!  Or not.  Again, I don’t judge.  Choose a low-fat, trans-fat-free variety.  Movie theater butter = bad idea!

Natural Peanut Butter


You can find any nut ground into butter these days, but when it comes to price, peanut butter is always the cheapest option.  You can find a natural jar of peanut butter for a pretty good price these days, and it has healthy fats and protein to keep you full.  I like it spread on wheat crackers, a banana, or just a spoon. Smile with tongue out

Breakfast Bars

White Chocolate Protein Bar [tkp-706351.jpg] - Click for Details

Cookies & Creme [tkp-709215.jpg] - Click for Details

Whether for breakfast on the way to class or a quick snack after my chemistry lab, bars are perfect, nutritious options.  I like ThinkThin bars the best, but they are pretty expensive so buy them by the box – most stores will charge you less than if you bought each bar individually.  They’ll also satisfy a sweet tooth, so have one for dessert (heat it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds) and indulge!

Dishes / Utensils

Never Leaf Hungry Bowl Set Cutensils Cutlery Set

These may not be food, but they are so important to have in your dorm room!  I’d recommend getting at least 2 of everything (plates, bowls, forks, knives, spoons) so you can share with people.  And don’t forget dish soap!


What is one thing you wish you’d brought with you somewhere, but forgot?  Definitely my camera… I always forget it at the most opportune photo moments!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one food (healthiness doesn’t matter!), what food would you take?  I would choose peanut butter cups! Smile