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A great quote for Christmas:

“It’s not what’s under your tree that matters, but who’s around it.”

This is such a great quote and I think it applies to every day, not just Christmas!  We all get so hung up (myself included!) on buying gifts and cooking food that we forget the real meaning of Christmas: to celebrate the birth of Jesus and/or to spend time with family and friends!  I added the “and/or” for the sake of political correctness.  Everyone is valued here!

Regardless of the quote, we had a tree (and a lovely one, if I do say so myself) with presents waiting for us on Christmas morning!


All ready for Christmas breakfast… these dishes only make an appearance once a year.


Presents under the tree!


The mini trees!


I’ll be blunt: I really dislike receiving gifts.  I always feel like I don’t deserve them, and I feel guilty for getting stuff that I don’t really need when there are so many people in the world who don’t have the bare essentials.  This year, I made a very detailed list of only items I actually could use, and asked for any other gifts to be in the form of gift cards that I could use whenever I wanted.

I did receive a new phone!  My old one was a Palm Pixi and I was adamant about keeping it until the letter “p” key stopped working.  :/  This is an iPhone 4G S!004

Check out this case!  It’s heavy-duty because I tend to drop my phone a lot.Smile with tongue out


Workout tanks from Lululemon!  Stuff from this store is expensive but fits great and lasts forever.  I ask for it as gifts because Thrify Me never wants to buy clothing from Lulu with my own money!

And their new pink color rocks my world.  That may sound corny, but there is no better way to describe my love for this color…


An insulated mug from Starbucks!  My dad got this for me because he is tired of me carrying my tea around campus in a plastic mug I got for free.


Check out the cool rolly-ball-thingy that is used to open and close the mug!


I also helped my mom buy gifts for a child from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  It was so much fun shopping in the toy section at Target again; it totally brought me back to the days of longing over Barbie dolls and Easy-Bake ovens!

I finished decorating some sugar cookies to bring to my grandparents’ house.  Definitely left that task until the last minute, but at least they look nice!

This is the recipe I used…


We made a cookie plate for my grandparents.  It had sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies (from a tube of dough… gingerbread dough is TOUGH to work with!), peppermint patty-stuffed chocolate cookies, and Oreo cookie fudge!



Here are a few inspirational thingies I found… Tumblr_lvge4gzqvg1qgxb8do1_500_large





And some questions for you!

Do you like receiving gifts, or are you the awkward, guilt-ridden type like me?

Coffee or tea?