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Good afternoon, lovelies. 🙂

Can I just day how much I love the holiday season?  Everything is just so festive and fun. 🙂

Like these plates from Target!  Only $1.99 each; these will definitely be coming back to college with me…


And these holiday scrapbook stickers, only $0.99 each!  I love Target and its low prices, in case you can’t tell. 😉


Breakfast… a whole grain bagel with a Laughing Cow wedge spread on top- OMG it tasted just like cream cheese!  Delicious.  Plus my second-to-last clementine.  Note to self: buy more.  Clementines are amazing when they’re in season!


After breakfast, I headed to the gym for some elliptical and abs.  I increased the length of my elliptical workout from 30 to 35 minutes and I felt great after!  Totally symptom-free.  Win.  Smile  I then drove to the mall and picked up a few last-minute Christmas gifts, then stopped at Foodstuff’s for a salad to go…


Mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, grilled chicken, ginger soy vinagrette…


Amazing.  I also had some peanut butter a la spoon.

I’m off to go bake sugar cookies with my sister!  We love decorating cookies. Smile