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I’m currently sitting in a Starbucks attempting to write a research paper about the pigments used in this painting.

Quite interesting, yet so difficult.  Lots of conflicting sources.

I prefer to study here (in a random off-campus Starbucks near my babysitting job) than in the dorm… someone is always doing something fun there, and it’s tough to resist joining in!

My studying face.  Don’t I look friendly?! Open-mouthed smile


Also, the easiest way to make a Starbucks employee angry?  Order hot water.  In your own mug.  Hehehehe.

Don’t worry, I actually paid for real stuff… I’d feel too guilty using their wifi!

Anyhoo… what have I been up to?

Studying, cheerleading, more studying, practicing, yet more studying, exercising, cooking, and… did I mention studying?

I got 100% on 2 of my first tests though, so at least my hard work is paying off!


This week I have 2 midterms, 2 lab reports, and a research paper.  Oh, and did I mention it’s Homecoming?

A steady supply of chocolate is necessary.


And tea… Constant Comment is my favorite, with Cozy Chamomile as a close second.005

The clerk at the campus café knows my order already.  I am there way too often.

World’s best trail mix.  I pick around the raisins, so when this tub is empty it will just be a tub full of raisins.  Yummy.003

A book from 1911 for the aforementioned research paper.  The librarian wasn’t going to let me check this out, but I pulled some strings. Winking smile


I love old books like this one.  When I have my own house, I want a bookcase full of them.  Not to read, just to look pretty.


That’s all for now, lovelies.  Back to studying.  Fun.

❤ C