How to use makeup to cover up exhaustion:

This photo was not edited in any way.  I’m just wearing an entire tube’s worth of foundation.  Not really.  But almost.  The key is to use a lighter foundation on sensitive, red splotches of skin (like under your eyes and on your cheeks,) let it dry, then cover it with regular foundation to match your skin color.  As frustrating as Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is to apply (it gets all crumbly and literally goes everywhere), it does a great job at creating a flawless, matte look.


How to sneak food out of the dining hall:

I prefer to eat small meals and lots of snacks throughout the day, which is difficult when I don’t have access to a fully-stocked kitchen all the time.  To help this out, I’ve taken to grabbing some peanut butter, fruit, and cereal for my room.  The key to sneaking food out in a sly, orderly way is to use plastic containers.  Lots of them.  In varying sizes and shapes.  Be sure to bring a backpack to carry the containers, fill them up with whatever, and leave.  The dining hall staff won’t suspect a thing.  Honestly, with the cost of this meal plan, I think I should get all the peanut butter I want.  It’s especially good when mixed into this Three Sisters Dark Chocolate oatmeal.


How to manage time:

This is a serious one.  In college,you literally can do anything you want.  There’s nobody making sure you study or go to class or eat or clean or do laundry or even sleep in your own bed.  So if you want to actually graduate, you need to do all that yourself.  I use a planner for literally everything- it is my life.  Many of my friends do the same.  And time management is key when you’re taking accelerated chemistry.  Yikes.

How to Carry Stuff Around:

This bag cost me $11, and it was the best $11 I’ve ever spent.  I can carry my phone, wallet, and lip balm without having to lug around a big bag or hold a bag in my hand.  Cross-body bags all great!


How to be an Extreme Couponer:

$3.00 extrabucks at CVS + BOGO on Wet n’ Wild cosmetics = $0.28 for concealer and eyeliner.  I should be on that TV show.  On second thought… no.


How to Procrastinate:

I may study a lot, but there is only so much I can do before I want to break.  That’s where these bright ideas came about.

We have an inspiration wall on the side of my bed, still in progress.


64-pack of crayons.  Oh yes.010

How to Stay Sane:

Friends, fun, and brownies.


❤ C