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Sorry for the lack of posting, everyone… I’ve been so busy at college!  Classes, cheer, and studying take up my entire day- I have literally no free time.  But it’s okay because I work best when I’m busy; too much free time and I won’t get anything done!  While every day here is a little different (I have different classes and stuff every day of the week,) here is what a typical day is like.

7:00 am – wake up!  I have my first class (math…yikes) at 8:00 am every morning except Tuesdays, so I’m always up before everyone else on my floor.  I bring breakfast to class and eat there, so it’s usually a Luna bar or some cereal and fruit from the dining hall if I have time to stop by.  One thing I love about college classes is that nobody really cares what you’re doing (especially not the professor) as long as you’re not doing anything obnoxious.  So I can eat in class!005

I’ve become obsessed with tea… usually it’s Cozy Chamomile from the dining hall, but on mornings when I’m really lagging, I’ll buy a Tazo Awake Tea from the café inside my class building.


9:00 am – I have a break between classes, so I’ll either go to the library or the student center to study, or go into town and run errands.  Today I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods/Whole Paycheck.

Picked up some ThinkThin bars… yum!


This cereal was on sale.  It tastes ok… I’m a broke college student so anything on sale is automatically delicious.


This cereal is better.  But incredibly expensive.


Oatmeal for snacks!


10:00 – French class.  One more quarter and I’m done learning French forever!  Don’t get me wrong, I like the language, but I’m really tired of learning it.

11:15 – my morning classes are finished, so I go back to my room to put away the groceries and get stuff ready for my afternoon chemistry class.

11:30 – lunch in the dining hall.  I usually have some toast with peanut butter and banana, or cereal with peanut butter and banana, plus random veggies and maybe some hot food if it looks good.  Sometimes the dining hall has a made-to-order omelet station, which is the best!

1:00 – chemistry class.  On Thursdays I have a chemistry lab until 4, which is pretty brutal.  I don’t like writing lab reports! Sad smile

2:00 – start studying!  I’ll break into my snack stash around this time. 012

We have almond butter, a large box full of Luna bars, ThinkThin bars, Zone bars, chocolate chips, spoons, Baker’s chocolate, etc., cereal, microwave popcorn, and almonds.  There’s peanut butter in the fridge, too. Smile 

I usually study for 2 hours or so, sometimes more but never less.  I’m almost always finished with my work by dinnertime at…

5:30 – dinner in the dining hall.  I know it’s early, but that’s when the dining hall is open so that’s when we eat.  I usually have the same sorts of things for dinner as I do for lunch, but sometimes they have made-to-order pasta, which is delicious and comforting and great. Smile

7:00 – cheer practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If I don’t have practice, I’ll go to Zumba or TurboKick to get a workout!

Go ‘Cats!

I get really excited when we score…


9:30 – return from cheer practice.  I’m usually starving at this time, so I’ll break into the food stash again.  Sometimes someone will make popcorn or order Chinese food in the lounge, which is where we all go to “study,” watch TV, play board games, chat, do each others’ nails, etc. 

12:00 – I try to get to bed by 12 on weeknights.  On weekends, who knows?

xo ❤ C