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Tomorrow, I’m off to college.  Well… not really.  I’m off to cheer pre-season camp, then to Freshman Orientation week, and then to college classes.  But I’ll be on campus, so I’ll technically be in college.  I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life.

What will this mean for Semisweet?

To be honest, I have no idea.  Maybe I’ll be posting more, maybe less.  It will definitely fluctuate based on how busy I am and how often I remember to take photos.

The past few days have been full of working out, packing, eating my favorite restaurant foods that I won’t be able to get at college, and trying to cure my cold FAST.  I haven’t been sick all summer, so of course I get sick right before I leave!  Which includes lots and lots of water, ice packs for my sinuses, and Advil Cold & Sinus.  It works wonders.  No joke. 


Some questions for you…

Any advice/tips for starting college? 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?