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The problem with buying the assorted pack of colored cardstock…


…is that it comes with assorted shades of brown.  Which doesn’t have much use in the projects I like to make.  Until now.


Cut a 4.5-inch x 3.5-inch rectangle of brown cardstock.


The above photo deserves an award.


Grab a pair of fun scissors.  I had a dream a few weeks ago about finding a big box of these scissors in a cabinet in my house.  That was the entire dream.  Seriously.  Cut a 3-inch x 4-inch rectangle of pastel (I used purple because I saw it first) cardstock using the scissors to give it an interesting, “frosting-like” edge.


Grab some markers.  Any colors will do.


And the strongest, most professional glue you can find.


Assemble and decorate.  I gave my cards faces because… well, I wanted to.


Write your extra-special messages on the backs of the cards.  I think these would look really cute in silver envelopes, just like Pop-Tart® wrappers!

I’m going to send these to my friends at college, who probably aren’t homesick because I bet they’re having lots of fun.  Regardless, a cute, handmade card will make anyone’s day. Smile


And now, because I am REALLY afraid to get in trouble…

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