I jumped on the bandwagon

Peas and Crayons

I usually snack on random food throughout the day, then either eat a normal-sized meal at dinner with my family or keep snacking through dinner at work.  I work in a restaurant, so there is always delicious food that I and my coworkers sneak taste!

Here are some things I’ve been enjoying as of late…


GIANT green apples…


Almond butter a la spoon..


This cupcake from a local cupcake shop…  It was good but I wish the frosting was buttercream instead of whipped cream… it lacked the richness that I adore and some to expect now that my cupcake preferences have been tainted by Sprinkles.  Thanks…002

Cross-sectional view…


Another cupcake from another local shop… 3 new cupcake bakeries just opened nearby!  And they’re all within 2 miles of one another… 2 of them are even on the same street!  Weird, but I’m not complaining. Smile with tongue out

GuestPost 002

And many, many unpictured bites of brie cheese, veggies with dip, wheat rolls and chocolate-chip cookies that make work all the much better. Smile