You know those old t-shirts that take up entire dresser drawers?  The ones you say you’ll wear to sleep or to work out but rarely, if ever, actually do?  This project is just for these shirts.  It’s fast, simple, and you probably already have all the materials in your house.  You will need…

An old t-shirt, of course!  Cotton is best because it curls up a bit when you cut it.  I used a size adult small shirt, and it yielded enough fabric for about 8 bracelets.

I would never use this shirt because it’s my favorite, but this is a good example of what kind of shirt to use.

I used a light blue shirt from the dinosaur-era… aka 2006. Winking smile

You’ll also need bangle bracelets.  These were in style a few years ago, so I have a ton that I never wear anymore.


As well as fabric glue.  I wouldn’t recommend buying this brand.  It smells like the rainbow foamy stuff they put on your car at the car wash.  Ew.


Cut a few 1-inch-wide strips of fabric from the t-shirt.  You’ll need 3 or 4 strips per bracelet.

Tie a knot around the bracelet, then wrap the fabric around and around.


When you reach the end of a strip, stick it to the preceding fabric with glue.  Make sure you wrap the fabric tightly around the bracelet, or else it will come undone when you try to glue the ends!  Repeat this process until you have covered the entire bracelet with fabric.


Your first bracelet may look a little odd- that’s ok!  Making these look neat and nice takes practice, but nobody will notice the mistakes while you’re wearing them!

And if they do, then they’re not your friend. Smile


Where did you get YOUR favorite t-shirt?