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Covergirl® sent me this FREE tube of their new NatureLuxe Mascara Mousse to review!  Yay!

Of course, any free mascara is good mascara, but I am going to give this an honest review.


First off, I like that this mascara has honey and beeswax in it instead of harsh synthetic materials.  I also like the clean, lightweight packaging.

However, when I applied the mascara, the first thing I noticed was how my eyelashes all clumped together.  Not good.  I used my eyelash comb to un-clump them and straighten them back out which, of course, takes time.   I wouldn’t recommend using this mascara in a hurry, as it really does require some time to apply.

This mascara didn’t weigh my lashes down like other mascaras tend to do, and it gave them a nice, subtle curl.  Overall, it is a great product aside from the clumpiness issue, but I’m not sure I would pay for it in a store.


Covergirl also sent me a trial size packet of their NatureLuxe Liquid Silk Foundation.  It contains cucumber oil, rose hip oil, and jojoba oil.

What is a jojoba?  This is a jojoba.  It is a fruit that grows in the deserts of Arizona, California, and Mexico.  Yes, I looked it up so now you don’t have to. Winking smile

The foundation is very lightweight and smooth, and it smells wonderful.  My only complaint is that it could be a bit more liquid-y.  The consistency is a cross between a liquid and a paste, so it dried unevenly on my face.  I don’t even know how to describe the feeling!  I would buy this product in a store, mostly for its natural ingredient list, but it definitely isn’t as good as Maybelline FIT foundation.

NatureLuxe Silk Foundation