Hello, lovelies!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately… my life is slowly being taken over by work.  It’s okay though because work = money, and money = college!


What have I been doing besides working, you ask?

(You didn’t really ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway)


Making a decoupage frame… still a work in progress!

hello 003

hello 006hello 004

All you need is a wooden photo frame, Mod Podge, and magazine clippings.  The instructions are pretty self-explanatory.

Plus I’m just not in the mood to explain.

Sorry. Winking smile


This is amazing… a Hello Kitty manicure!


You know I had to try this out myself.

I didn’t have a fancy nail polish-dotter, so I used a wooden skewer that I found in my kitchen cabinet.  A toothpick would work well, too.

hello 008


hello 009

After!  This takes a steady hand, but it is fairly simple to do and the results are cute without being overly tacky.

hello 012

I love it and I’m planning on doing an entire family of Hello Kitties on my toenails.  Winking smile

Some tackiness is necessary. Smile