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I love when customers bring their babies into the restaurant.  Mostly because

a) babies are cute

b) most of the club members are older, so babies are a rarity

c) even if babies cry and scream, these noises are still far less irritating than the whining of adult patrons


So if you bring a baby, you can bet you’ll receive excellent service.  Your baby will be treated like royalty because we servers will all stop by and ask if you need anything in an attempt to disguise our true purpose for stopping by: to greet your baby.

Yesterday night, the cutest baby came into the restaurant.  She was teeny tiny and had on a little tiny dress and was just so little and precious I was gonna die.



But the best part of this baby was that while she slept, she sucked on her pacifier.  I don’t know why, but this was practically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  The baby’s mother was so excited to show off her baby, and rightfully so.  Her baby was absolutely adorable.


So to everyone out there who has a baby, please don’t be afraid to bring it to a restaurant.  If the restaurant is anything like the place I work at, your baby will make everyone’s days a bit better.