I’m the first to admit that I eat the most random things during the day- I love snacking!

A green apple on a green apple cutting board!

food 001

Sharp cheddar cheese

food 003


food 004

And… peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough!

4 ingredients.  So.  Yummy.

food 005

This is barely a recipe… it’s so easy, you could make it with your eyes closed!

Err… maybe not.

Start by mixing an equal amount of creamy peanut butter and rolled oats.  Add a little bit of sweetener– I prefer brown sugar, but agave or stevia or regular sugar would work, too.

food 006

Mix together, and add chocolate chips.  Because it isn’t cookie dough without chocolate chips.

food 007

Then, eat it with a spoon!  Or be a good girl: wrap the dough in plastic and put it in the fridge.

Yummmmm.  And surprisingly filling.  I won’t be snacking for a few hours!