Because there haven’t been many awards around here lately, I decided to create my own. 


I am awarding this to…

Freckled Foodie

Happy or Hungry

Prevention RD

Raven Waves

Read, Eat and Move

Simple Eats

Teenage Foodie

Vegetarian Rhapsody

XC Foodie

Directions: answer the questions, and then add your own question at the end for the people YOU award it to to answer!

My favorite cartoon character is… Hello Kitty!  I like HK perhaps bit too much. Winking smile

graduation 001

My favorite thing to photograph is… vanilla extract!  I’m not sure why, but I love the vintage-y look of the bottle.

BananaBread 006


My favorite thing to cook is… banana bread!


or maybe brownies?

brownies 001

My favorite way to exercise is… dancing and running- I can’t pick just one!


My favorite movie is… Titanic!  So typical, I know.

Leo didn’t die in Titanic… he washed ashore in Inception! Smile

My favorite article of clothing is… this prom dress!

Prom11 010

My favorite flower is… gardenia!

Desktop Images > Flowers > Gardenia,gardenia146_4645.jpg

My favorite breakfast is… whole wheat pancakes from a local restaurant- so good!

My favorite book is… My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

I was asked in a pageant interview: what does this book teach you about families?

Well… they shouldn’t use one another for body parts, or sue one another.  WIN.

It’s your turn now!