I’ve been looking forward to dorm shopping since I first saw the colorful displays at Target that pop up each summer.  Now that I’m actually going to college, I can’t wait to decorate my room!  I have a “vision” for it, but I’ll mix my ideas with my roommate’s!

I love this Damask bedding set from Target.

I love organizing.  It feels so productive and refreshing: throwing away old things to make room for new ones.  Reading the organizing tips in Real Simple makes me happy.  Smile with tongue out

I love my friends and family.  They brighten my day.


I love ceramic bowls.  Not going to ceramics class every day is frustrating!  I need to sign up for a pottery class ASAP so I can get back to making this.

Egg 001

And this.  I both like it and am scared of it at the same time.

lastday 006

I love Summer.  It may be cold and rainy right now, but I love the feeling of freedom!


What are you loving right now?

Any Summer plans?