I only have one more day of high school left.  It’s unreal and crazy, but I’m somewhat calm about it all.  I’ll soon be in college and no longer a high-schooler.  For many of you readers, this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I’m really excited!  I’ve changed so much in the past four years.

Freshman Year, I was a quiet, shy girl.  I loved ballet and I danced as much as I could.  I thought I might dance in college.

I attended Interlochen Center for the Arts the summer after freshman year.  I danced 6 hours a day, and then partied all night, haha.  Look at those braces!

At the end of freshman year, I ran an 8k race and won 3rd place female.  I had never been a runner, but I figured- it’s high school, why not?  I tried something new and joined the cross-country team.

I also joined a new dance company that was less focused on ballet and more focused on jazz and contemporary dance.  I was a busy bee!  February of my sophomore year, I started having convulsive episodes.  We didn’t yet know I had POTS, so it was a confusing, scary time.  My family and I still took our yearly Spring Break trip- to Grand Cayman!  My favorite place on earth.

That spring, I also helped the track team win the JV conference meet!  I contributed 1 point to our score by winning 6th place in my 2-mile race, and I was really proud of myself!  This is also when I had to quit dance because my illness was taking too much out of me.

That summer, I ran.  A lot.  I enjoyed every minute of it, but my body just said “NO!”  I quit running the fall of my junior year when I was diagnosed with POTS.  I felt helpless to my condition.  But I tried not to let that stop me from having fun!  I enjoyed helping out at XC meets.  Er… and doing this?

Found my happy place on a trampoline.

Took a 3-week neuroscience course at Northwestern University.  If I hadn’t had my POTS experience, I probably would never have gotten interested in science at all.  Funny the way it is…

I started senior year by applying to Northwestern, and I got accepted!  One of my biggest accomplishments thus far.

I was a debutante.

I started to feel a bit better, so I worked out some more.  And eventually got to perform a dance routine in front of people to one of my favorite songs, “Fix You” by Coldplay.  I won 1st-runner up and some $$$ for college!

I tried out and made the Northwestern Wildcats cheerleading team!  Wooo!

I went to prom again!

And now here I am.  I’m almost finished with high school, and I’m a completely different person from when I entered.  I’m more outgoing, more confident, and stronger than ever both physically and (especially!) mentally.  I’m so excited for whatever the next chapter in my life holds.