And I’m sick.  My throat feels like it’s been scratched by a rabid animal (lovely visual) but aside from that I feel totally healthy.  Still, in an effort to prevent any further illness, which I DO NOT need for graduation/summer, I’ve been laying low the past few days.  And watching 80’s horror movies.  Namely, this one.

Someone guess the movie!  There’s no prize, but you should guess anyway. Smile with tongue out

And eating copious amounts of my favorite cereal on earth.

flipflops 003

And editing photos.

$1 flip-flop day was Saturday at Old Navy.  I bought 2 pairs because there were hardly any in a Size 6.  The purple sandals on the left are a Size 5, because I really wanted purple sandals and was willing to take that risk.  I’m a daredevil.

flipflops 001

I found this photo while looking through old pictures for a school project.  I was in kindergarten. Smile

flipflops 004

Questions for you to answer!!

What is your favorite cereal?

What did you go as for Halloween when you were little?  I’d always go as a cheerleader or a princess.