So yea, prom is fast-approaching.  It’s in less than 1 week and I’m very excited!  I’m totally one of “those girls” who loves prom and has been poring over prom dress magazines since the age of 10.  No joke.  It’s one of the two nights of your life (the other being your wedding) when you get to go all out and dress up.  Here are some new beauty products I picked up and my honest reviews of them.

Maybelline ColorStay 24 Lip Color in “Continuous Coral”:

I hate wearing lip gloss.  Hate hate hate.  But it is easier than lipstick in that you don’t need to dab it off before having a sip or bite of anything, and though my lips don’t like the continuous feeling of having sticky honey-like goo atop them, I make do.  I hoped that this lip gloss would be less sticky, and it was.  But it isn’t totally stick-free.  So it isn’t perfect for me.  But the color is lovely, so I will probably use the entire tube anyway.


Almay Intense smoky i-Color for blue eyes:

I love Almay.  Their products are natural and don’t make my face itch, which is always a plus.  This eyeshadow palette is great, and you can wear all three or just one of the colors.  I’m big on light eyeshadow, so I like to wear the top color on its own.  I also love how the palette is arranged- no more thinking about which colors would look good where!


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation

A forewarning: I have the most unusual, temperamental skin on the planet.  Most days it looks clear and fine, but then BAM it looks oily and red and disgusting.  And then a few days later, after obsessive facial scrubbing, it goes back to normal.  I bought this foundation for my skin on its bad days, and so far it seems promising.  The color looks dark in the jar, but when you blend it into your skin, it looks lighter.  It really does give your skin a matte, airbrushed, fresh look that I love.  Smile