I like to think of myself as a mac-n-cheese-in-a-box connoisseur.  I’ve grown up with Kraft “The Cheesiest”, but have expanded my horizons to include “Spirals” and “Spongebob” varieties.  However, as I get older, the neon orange color of Kraft just isn’t as appealing.  Of course, I still sometimes indulge in it, but I try to buy, erm, natural-er, boxes instead. 

I saw this on sale at Target last week, and in my quest to try as many Annie’s mac & cheese varieties as possible (there are TONS!), I bought 2 boxes.

pasta 001

From the website:  Amaranth, quinoa, kamut, spelt and durum join together in a tasty 5-grain elbow pasta with our classic white cheddar cheese.  Packed with healthy nutrients including fiber, iron, thiamin and niacin, this macaroni also delivers 8 grams of whole grain per serving.

And it’s organic!  I got an organic dinner for $1.99.  That’s pretty much unheard of. Winking smile

pasta 002

As a rule of thumb, I cook Annie’s pastas for 1 minute less than the recommended cooking time.  This box suggested 8-10 minutes, but cooking it for 7 minutes was perfect, if not a little too gummy, for my tastes.  I like my pasta VERY al dente.

I also add less milk than the box says to add.  I just sort of pour some into the pot until I think it’s enough.

You’re probably sick of hearing my ranting about mac ‘n cheese cooking.

I’m done now.  Open-mouthed smile


How did this macaroni ‘n cheese taste?  Delicious!  It is definitely the most flavorful of the Annie’s varieties I have tried.  It also looks a lot like my beloved Kraft, so that’s a plus.  There was enough cheese to coat the pasta, and it didn’t even need salt.  I put salt on practically everything I eat (even salads, hah) so it’s amazing that this mac ‘n cheese didn’t need any.  Perfect

pasta 003