It definitely is the best photo I’ve ever taken.  No doubt.

I know absolutely nothing about photography, but I know that this photo makes me want to reach into my computer and pull a 72% dark chocolate chip from that glass bowl and eat it.  Because they look so freakin’ good.

Ghirardelli should hire me to be their chocolate photographer.

I’d totally do it.


As long as it comes with a lifetime supply of 72% chocolate chips.

And, you know, money.

Open-mouthed smile


I’m off to go study for a biology final.  I probably won’t end up studying, actually.  My brain is done for the night.

Brain Lapel Pin - All You Need Is Lobe

You can’t hear it, but it’s saying “GO WATCH MINDLESS TV OR I QUIT!”

Metacognition-esque thoughts (???) aside, I’ll write a real post when I can think.

Which may not be for a while.

Enjoy the chocolate chips.