Hot glue-ing rhinestones to a discounted clutch from Marshall’s has been the highlight of my weekend.  Not really, but it was definitely up there.

I’m such a thrill-seeker.

And if the gemstones fall off, then I’ll probably go to prom anyway.  But I’ll self-consciously and inconspicuously hide my purse.  I wouldn’t be caught dead with a defective purse.  People would notice.

“Hey, I heard a really bad rumor about Courtney.”

“What is it?!”


“Oh my gosh!  How embarrassing!”

Wouldn’t want THAT to happen!


I’ve also been dutifully studying for AP tests.  If you’re one of the lucky ones who isn’t familiar with AP tests, they’re basically long subject tests.  If you do well, then you might score some college credit.  If you don’t do well, then you wasted $80, not to mention precious hours of your life.  So I’d like to do well on the tests.  I’m taking 3: psychology, calculus, and biology.  The psychology exam is tomorrow afternoon, so wish me luck!

Questions for you! :

What did you wear at your prom?

Are you a thrill-seeker or are you cautious?