I found this nail polish on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond.  It’s Sally Hansen HD in “DVD.”

foru 002

I had my doubts, but the color looks really pretty!  This photo doesn’t do it justice.

foru 014

I brought home this bowl that I made in pottery class.

foru 003

Alongside my other dotty bowls

spring 004

And again

spring 005

And again- the glaze on the rim doesn’t look as neat as I wanted.  I’ll probably fix it and fire it again.

spring 006



I picked up this ginormous jar of MaraNatha almond butter, unsure of whether I’d like it.  Thankfully, I did. Smile  It’s creamy and smooth and not too sweet nor too salty.

spring 001

I found this NEW Luna Bar flavor, Chocolate Chunk, at Target.  I was pretty sure I’d like it because, come on, it has chocolate!  How could anything with chocolate be bad?

spring 007

It looks yummy- the chocolate chunks look promising!

spring 008

Yum, this bar is so tasty!  It reminded me of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough, which is deeeelicious.  I would definitely buy it again!

spring 009