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I like making scrapbooks, but  I don’t like the word “scrapbooking.”  Or “scrapbooker.”  The words just sound so… strange.  Like something that middle-aged women wearing denim shirts with embroidered St. Bernard puppies on the backs would do.  No offense if you’re one of those people.  Basically, the term “scrapbooking” just doesn’t sound youthful.  So I’m not a scrapbooker.  I don’t scrapbook.  I make scrapbooks.  And I’m going to show you how to make them, too.

You’ll need a scrapbook.  You can get one at any craft store, and they usually come in small and large varieties.  This one is large, and I got it on sale for $4.99.  Large scrapbooks usually cost around $20, and small ones cost around $12.  Take your pick.

scrapbook 002

You’ll also need cardstock.  Scrapbooks usually come filled with white cardstock, but that’s no fun!  Buy colored cardstock in a package rather than by the sheet to save a TON of $$$.  I found these 2 sheets on sale, but I almost always stick to plain colored cardstock.

scrapbook 004

Stickers are useful.  Buy the cheap ones.  Venture away from the scrapbook aisle at the craft store and go to the kids’ craft aisle for inexpensive, colorful stickers.

scrapbook 005

I love foam letter stickers (left.)  They’re easy to reposition and really make your pages pop!

scrapbook 003

A paper cutter is a great investment- for $10 or so, you’ll save a ton of time and energy.  Plus, you’ll get perfectly straight cuts every time!

scrapbook 006

Now, for the actual pages.  Start with a sheet of cardstock and a design in mind.  This page is for Graduation photos.

scrapbook 007

Make photo frames by cutting out cardstock squares, then using an X-acto knife to cut a tiny square out of the middle of the larger square.  Use the little cut-out squares for something else; photo corners, perhaps?

Cut a square of cardstock, then cut the square diagonally in half, then diagonally again to make 4 small triangles.  Position them around your photos.

scrapbook 010

I’m going to mount my photos ON TOP of the frames, so messy X-acto cuts won’t be an issue.  The key to making good scrapbooks is disguising your mistakes. Open-mouthed smile

scrapbook 008

Use foam letters to form phrases.  Obviously.

scrapbook 009

To make perfectly-centered phrases, start with the middle letter stickers first.  Place them right in the middle of the paper.

scrapbook 012

Then add the other letters.  So easy!

scrapbook 013

Decorate plain cardstock with markers and stickers.  Be creative!

scrapbook 014

scrapbook 011

Have fun!  There’s no right or wrong way to do this, and once you know a few techniques, the sky is the limit! Smile