I got a prom dress.  It looks very similar to this one.

But instead of the bow, it has a sequined buckle on the front.  I personally think my dress is much prettier than the one on this model. =P

I still need shoes, though!  I LOVE shoe shopping, but when I went to DSW this past weekend they didn’t have a good selection.  =(  I’m shopping online now, but heels are super tough for me to buy because I have such tiny feet!  I’m usually a size 6, and my feet are oddly-shaped, haha.  Anyone else have tiny/unusual (ha!) feet and know a good website/brand of shoes?

Here are some that I like.  I’m looking for white or light blue shoes to match the dress.  Silver shoes would be okay too, but only as a last resort.  I’m very picky, haha!

Audrey Brooke “Earth”, DSW

Blue Tux “Ava”, DSW

Caparros Heaven Pump

Caparros “Heaven”, DSW

Martinez Valero “Claire”, DSW


Which of these shoes do you like the best?