Hello, lovelies!  I just returned from my vacation to Grand Cayman, an island in the Caribbean.  It was, to say the least, incredible.  Hot and sunny and everything Chicago does not have to offer for at least another 3 months.  And the view.  Just looking at this picture makes me feel relaxed and calm.

SpringBreak2011 002

We stayed in the Ritz-Carlton, which I definitely recommend.  The service is phenomenal, and you will never want to leave the resort.  It’s that good.

SpringBreak2011 007

I’ve been to Grand Cayman 3 times before: once as a stop on a cruise, then twice at this resort.  This was my 4th time on the island and my 3rd time at the resort.  My family and I love it so much!

SpringBreak2011 015

Of course, you’re all probably wondering about the food.  Everything I ate there was delicious.  After the first day there I settled into a routine, eating pretty much the exact same thing for each meal.  Breakfast was always a waffle.  A really good waffle, might I add.  Plus syrup or peanut butter and strawberries.  FRESH strawberries!  So, so good.

SpringBreak2011 052

For lunch, I’d have a chopped veggie salad with passion fruit vinagrette.  I didn’t get a picture because I pretty much ate these salads in 5 minutes flat.  They were so crunchy, fresh, and good.  I can’t wait for summer veggies!  I’d also have a bag of Terra Chips with lunch.

Dinner would change nightly, as we went to different restaurants at the hotel and along Seven Mile Beach (which is actually 5 miles, oh well.)  One night I ordered spaghetti with meatballs.

SpringBreak2011 054

My favorite dinner was this hummus platter!  It came with fresh hummus, flatbread, olive oil, and dukka.  What is dukka, you ask?  An Egyptian blend of toasted nuts and seeds.  Don’t worry, I didn’t that know either until I wrote this post, but I can assure you that it is really yummy and tastes fantastic with hummus.

SpringBreak2011 048

Grand Cayman is known for its scuba diving sites, but there are plenty of great snorkeling sites as well that don’t require any certification!  As long as you know how to swim, you can go.  The water in front of our hotel was full of tropical fish, including this little baby red fish that swam into our raft one day.  My sister and I found him adorable and put him in this little cup.  Don’t worry, we put him back in the ocean!

SpringBreak2011 085

We also visited the Cayman Turtle Farm.  They raise and breed sea turtles, then release them back into the wild.  3% of the turtles are used for, ahem, “commercial needs.”  At least the farm is helping out- they release 3,000 turtles each year!  At the farm, you can look at turtles and hold baby ones.  This little guy was only 5 months old and absolutely precious!  I held him for a while, angering some other tourists in the process, I bet.  Oh well.  He is mine.

SpringBreak2011 079

We played Pictionary.  I don’t remember what this drawing was supposed to be.

SpringBreak2011 042

But most of our time was spent laying out on the beach.

SpringBreak2011 040

So pretty!  It looked like this every day!

SpringBreak2011 019

I even got a suntan!  As you can see from this photo taken on the first day of the trip, I’m ghostly pale.  I needed to use SPF 85 on my skin just so I wouldn’t burn!

SpringBreak2011 003

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation that I will remember forever.  I would highly recommend Grand Cayman and the Ritz-Carlton resort there.  Both are amazing!