That was the question I was asked during English class today.  I was wearing flip-flops for the first time in forever, seeing as I’m from Chicago and we tend to break out the summer outfits when the temperature goes above 32 degrees.

The guy sitting next to me, bless his heart, noticed my feet and was shocked.  I reassured him that it was nothing, this always happens, and I was fine.  Sitting in English class for so long had caused blood to pool in my feet, turning them a purplish-reddish color.  According to DINET, one of my favorite sites for all my POTs-related questions, this is a fairly common symptom.  It was quite funny for me, though!  Poor guy!

Hmmm… what else?  It is Tachycardia Tuesday, after all!  I created this little graphic on Picnik last night, which you may copy/paste/download as you please.  Smile


That is my all-time favorite quote!  I used it as my Senior Quote for the yearbook.

Foods as of late?  I’ve been big on snacking.  I’ll eat a bunch of snacks throughout the day, then have dinner with my family.  This might not work for everyone, but eating this way prevents me from feeling dizzy as I often do after eating a big meal.  My favorite snacks are bars (especially Luna, NuGo, and Kashi bars,) string cheese, Cheerios, almonds, clementines, and dark chocolate as a treat.  I eat a lot, but not very much as a time.  Again, this is what works for me, so don’t try it without checking in with your doctor. Smile

That’s all for now!

xo, C ❤