I love weekend mornings.  Mostly because I get to wake up whenever I choose without the “beepbeepbeepbeep” of my alarm.  And because I get to actually take my time eating breakfast at home, as opposed to my usual protein bar during biology.  Today I made oatmeal.  But not just any oatmeal: peanut butter cup oatmeal.  Plus a clementine.  Love those.


1 packet Lavish dark chocolate oatmeal + 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter added after cooking.  Divine.


I’m slowly making my way through this giant jar of Skippy natural peanut butter.  It’s a bit salty on its own for my tastes, but it works great in recipes and it doesn’t need to be stirred.  Plus I got it on sale. Smile


It was my little sister’s Confirmation.


My aunt and uncle came to the service, so afterwards we went back home for veggies & dip.  I also ate a ton of these yummy crackers.

For dinner we went to P.F. Chang’s!  I haven’t been there in a while and I don’t know why because it is so good!  I got vegetarian lettuce wraps and brown rice on the side.  They were made with tofu instead of chicken, but they didn’t have that spongy tofu texture.  My mom tried some and even she liked it!  I didn’t take pictures, but it looked like this. (image from CNC)

And a mini chocolate cake for dessert!

I need to study now Sad smile AP tests are fast approaching, ew. Sad smile