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I should make it clear that I do make pottery in my ceramics class.  Functional pottery.  Bowls and stuff.  But when I finish a bowl or am waiting for it to be fired, I make these.

They’re tiny clay charms.


My art teacher recommended I sell them at local art shows this summer.  I’m now attempting to mass-produce more citruses and cookies, which haven’t been fired yet.  I’m also planning to spray a gloss coat onto each charm.  If you’d like me to make a charm necklace/bracelet for you, please email me and we can work something out.  I’m not sure how much to charge, but I can make pretty much any food.  Except for pineapples.  Those things are really difficult to make out of clay, and I don’t know why, haha.  Each charm is approximately 1.5 cm in length.

I’m putting together a special beauty review post, so check back soon to read it!

xo C