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I need a new laptop.  Like, badly.  My current one has been dropped far too many times, and sometimes the trackpad decides not to work.  Plus it weighs more than a small child.  And I’m going to college.  And my birthday is coming up.

I think I’ve justified that I really need a new laptop.

But what kind to buy?  I have absolutely no idea!  If anyone has any suggestion/tips, please comment or email me or send a telegram, I don’t care, just help me!!

My specifications:

  • Must be a PC.  Sorry, Mac!
  • Video camera with built-in microphone… I want to Skype!
  • Lightweight enough for a weak-armed person to carry around a college campus all day without developing back problems
  • Fast… I am possibly the most impatient person on earth
  • SD card drive… I’m pretty sure all laptops do nowadays

Please help me!!!