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Do you ever find yourself reading health & fitness magazines, skimming the workout pages, and thinking, “That looks like a good workout.  I should do it sometime!”  Does your plan ever come to fruition?  Probably not.  You probably forget about the workout entirely.  Which is why you need a workout book.  It’s really easy to make and you don’t need any artistic abilities whatsoever- I promise!

Grab some old magazines.

WorkoutBook 001

A small notebook.

WorkoutBook 002

Colored markers.  Optional, but recommended.  Markers are always recommended.

WorkoutBook 003 

Find a page with a workout that you like.  This one has moves using a balance ball designed to tighten your abs.  It’s from the March 2011 issue of Health.

WorkoutBook 004 

Cut out the instructions.  Cut out the pictures too, if you’d like.  The moves are explained pretty well in these instructions, so I didn’t cut out the pictures.  Paste (or tape, whatever) the instructions into your notebook.

WorkoutBook 005

Make sure you label the workout!  And decorate as desired. 🙂

WorkoutBook 006

Keep cutting and pasting and decorating to your heart’s content.

WorkoutBook 007

Add to the book whenever you find a new magazine workout you like.

WorkoutBook 008

Now you have no excuse to “forget about” those workouts.

WorkoutBook 009 

But you still have to actually do them.  This book just makes it a tad easier.  😉