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I love grocery shopping for myself.  This may (okay, nevermind, it totally does) sound selfish, but I don’t like shopping for other people because I always do something wrong, haha.  Plus I can take my sweet time comparing prices/labels/looking for that new item I want to try!  My trip today was no different.  All this food is fairly healthy, but tastes like the stuff I (and most everyone else) love!

TS1 023

If you like Try
Peanut butter cups Peanut butter chocolate chip Larabar
Caramel corn SmartPop! kettle corn
Chocolate Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate (the salt brings out the sweetness of the chocolate, so its more satisfying and less bitter-tasting)
Pizza 3 Cheese Bagel Bites (microwaveable!!)
Malted milk balls Kashi GoLEAN chocolate malted milk bars


In other news, I finished up my first ceramic charm necklace.  I bought supplies at the craft store and assembled the necklace at home.  I’m wearing it now and I love how it turned out!

TS1 028

I also brought home this tiny pot.

TS1 026