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I’m cheap when it comes to beauty products, aside from my beloved Clinique eye makeup remover.  In the purple bottle.  Try it and you’ll be converted, too.  But I also try to be mindful of the rest of the world when I’m purchasing makeup.  That’s why my absolute favorite brand of makeup is Almay.  They may not be at the forefront for “extreme mega giant lash” mascara, nor do their products have extravagant, bold packaging, but each and every item I’ve purchased from the company has been fantastic.  Why?

  • All products are hypoallergenic
  • All products are fragrance-free
  • They don’t test on animals… yay!
  • Only 500 out of 10,000 ingredients certified for cosmetics meet Almay’s standards… makes you wonder what other companies are putting in their cosmetics!

After taking 2 years of chemistry, I know what chemicals can do.  They burn things, destroy things, and if you get them on your skin, bad stuff happens.  I like to be mindful of what I put on my face, and knowing that Almay does the guesswork makes me very happy. 🙂

Some of my favorites?

The Eyeliner Crayon.  It’s basic, yet perfect.  I’ve tried other brands, but none of them come close.  My eyes tend to get watery, but this formula stays on without irritating my eyes even more.  I buy it in black, but it comes in other colors, too.

Almay 026

The new One-Coat Dial Up Mascara.  It’s got a dial on the outside of the tube with 3 settings for how long/thick you want your eyes to look.  It goes on smooth and non-clumpy, and dries quickly.  My only complaint is that it isn’t waterproof, but aside from that, this is the perfect mascara!

Almay 025 

I got these 2 products together for about $8.  A great deal!

My other favorite brand is Burt’s Bees.  They make soaps and lotions, but they’re best known for their lip balms.  And for good reason- their lip balms are wonderful!  I probably have 10 tubes in various parts of my house.  If you’ve never tried Burt’s Bees, go for the pomegranate kind first.  It smells great and really moisturizes your lips without making them feel sticky.  The original formula lip balm makes your lips tingle a bit, which I like, but some people don’t like it.  I recently bought their new tinted lip balm in Rose, and it looks lovely!  The cute packaging definitely drew me in, but the product itself is perfect, too.  It’s got a hint of color and is just as soft and luscious as other Burt’s Bees lip balms.  Try it!

Almay 027

Great color, would work for any skin tone. 🙂

Almay 029

**Neither company paid me for promoting their products.  I bought all of the above items with my own money.  I just think the products are so great that they deserve to be promoted!**

That’s all for now, thanks for reading. 🙂

xo ❤ C