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Black Xhilaration Ruffle Dress, $17.99

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Xhilaration Floral Bikini Swimsuit, $14.99 + $17.99

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Gold Gemstone Flip-flops, $12.99


Plus a ton of food, which may or may not include dark chocolate peanut m&ms. 😉  I also found this oatmeal: Lavish Dark Chocolate from Better Oats. 

I don’t particularily like oatmeal (mostly because it always explodes in the microwave when I try to cook it, haha) but this kind has chocolate, so I’ll probably like it.  Its nutrition stats are pretty good, too.  And check out the ingredient list!  All-natural, heck yes.

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Stay tuned for a review soon!

I also picked up some sunscreen for my trip to Florida next weekend.  I don’t tan, I burn, so good sunscreen is always necessary.  I use SPF 100 on my face, chest, and wrists, and SPF 50 on my body.  I found this new Neutrogena kind at Target, and I hope it keeps me from getting burnt!  I like that it can be used on wet skin, because I actually enjoy swimming.  I’m not one of those “lay out and tan for hours” girls!  😉

Wet Skin Sunblock Spray SPF 85+

In other news, I got my OpenSky check in the mail today, and I earned $15!  That makes me really happy… I worked hard for those $15!  😀