Today has been really boring- I’m still sick… I don’t know why but I cannot shake this sinus infection!  So annoying.  I somehow ended up browsing through my old sticker book.  Did anyone else collect stickers as a kid?  I remember bringing my stickers to school and trading them with other kids during recess.  The fuzzy ones, scratch-n-sniff, and sparkly ones were the most valuable.  I also remember making bookmarks by pouring Elmer’s glue into the top of SpaceMaker pencil boxes and selling them to other kids under the jungle gym.  I was a little entrepreneur, haha!  Tangent aside, the one rule of sticker collecting was to NEVER EVER use your stickers.  They stayed in the book, stuck onto waxy paper for all eternity.  Now that I’m older, I see that this is a clear waste of stickers, and I decided to use them.  Little Me would not approve.


Stickers 006

I found a small white jewelry box with lid.  I covered the box in magazine cutouts and word stickers.

Stickers 002

Stickers 003

The stickers- I think these are meant to be used in a scrapbook or planner.

Stickers 001

I then covered the box with glitter glue!  I used a paintbrush to apply a thin coat.

Stickers 005


Stickers 004

For the lid, I decided to use sparkly stickers on the inside, and matte ones on the outside.  I have a lot of stickers!


Stickers 008


Stickers 009

Stickers 010

Little 90’s Me would be proud. 🙂