In case you don’t know, a ginormous blizzard hit the Midwest.  Thankfully, my family and I were safe at home during it (hundreds of people got stuck in their cars on the highway! yikes!) and after nearly 48 hours of confinement, we finally left the house today.  Granted, my sister and I only went to Target, but still, it’s better than being locked in.  The snow outside was nearly as tall as my car, which made driving… interesting!

So what did I do while I was snowed in?

I made a magazine collage.

collage 004

Did calculus homework.  Props for anyone who can tell me what this theorem represents.

f(x) = g'(x).\

\int_a^b f(x)\,dx\, = g(b) - g(a).

Made brownies.


And watched way too much television.

It’s been a fairly boring 2 days, but you know what?  I still don’t want to go to school tomorrow. 😉