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I’m probably one of the pickiest eaters on the planet.  A bit ironic for me to write a food blog, heh.  Anyway, my pickiness especially kicks in when I get sick.  I lose my appetite for everything except my staple foods.  Yes, I do have “staple foods.”  They vary a bit as I grow tired of particular foods and learn to like new ones, but for the most part, they stay the same and have been the same for a very long time.  Since I still have this nasty cold (I’m hoping it’s a cold and not strep throat!), I’ve been living on these foods for the past three days.  Especially the M&Ms.  I’m sick so it’s okay. 😉

Courtney’s Staple Foods!

Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms

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These are GOOD!  I didn’t even like peanut M&Ms up until a few months ago, but now I am nearly obsessed with these little gems.  Tough to find (I buy mine at CVS in big bags), but so worth it.



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I joke around with my family that once I’m in college, I will live off cereal.  I’ll go to the dorm cafeteria with a big plastic container, fill it with cereal from the dispenser, and sustain myself on that until I run out.  I’m not a fan of sugary cereals (Cheerios and Kashi are my favs) but I’m a pushover when it comes to Cocoa Puffs.  I have fond memories of filling a bowl to the brim with Cocoa Puffs and watching cartoons.  Typical American childhood right there, haha.  I turned out alright!


Jif Peanut Butter

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It’s true- choosy moms choose Jif.  My mom always bought it for me, and now any other brand of peanut butter tastes like salt.  Ew.  I’m a fan of the natural kind now- it doesn’t separate and it’s still sweet and creamy.


Cheese Sticks

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Again, I have fond childhood memories of this one.  I remember sitting in preschool, watching another kid peel strips off their cheese stick.  I was in awe that cheese could be shaped to form a perfect, yet malleable tube and packaged in a tiny plastic wrapper that even my nubby little fingers could unwrap.  Perhaps I wasn’t that thorough in my observations, but I still like cheese sticks.  I eat them with breakfast.  Don’t judge.