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I have an interesting story to share.

Actually, you might not find it very interesting, but within my mundane suburban life, it’s pretty crazy.

I decided to work out today because I was feeling up to it.  My gym caters to a, shall I say, “older” crowd so it’s usually pretty quiet.  I managed to find an elliptical that I liked: no crazy computer-display-thingie, good crossramp, and a TV attached for me to catch up on Teen Mom 2.  An old lady was riding the elliptical to the left of me, and to the left of her was a 40-something-year-old man.  Typical gym people.  I put on my earbuds, set my ipod to a good song, and ellipticized (is that even the word for it?).  About two minutes into the workout, I noticed that I couldn’t hear my music at all.  I could however, hear the music from the guy two machines over, though.  WTF???  I was ready to jump off my elliptical, go over to him, grab his ipod, turn his music down, and get back on my elliptical.  But I didn’t because I’m a decent person and I know that my frustration will be better received by you, the reader of this website.

Here is a list of reasons why loud music at the gym is not okay:

  1. I like my Katy Perry and 90’s pop music.  I don’t need to hear whatever you’re listening to.
  2. It’s one thing if the person next to you can hear your music.  It’s another thing if the person 10 feet away from you can hear your music over the whir of the gym machines.
  3. You’re going to go deaf if you listen to music that loud.  Then you’ll need to listen to it even louder to hear it.  A vicious cycle.
  4. If you need that much musical motivation to get through a workout, maybe you should try a different workout.
  5. Since when have men used the elliptical?  I’ve always thought it was a pretty girly piece of gym equipment.
  6. Shouldn’t guys, you know, bench press?
  7. I’m getting off-topic now.

The moral of the story is: if people at the gym are giving you annoyed looks, turn the music down.