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I’ve made a few decisions:

1. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough is the best kind of cookie dough.  Plus you feel slightly less guilty about eating it raw knowing there are wholesome oats in it.  Or at least, that’s my thought process.

Oatmeal Chip Cookies Recipe

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2. Lululemon clothes are amazing.  And expensive.  And very, cozy.  Yet very, very expensive.  I force myself to stick to the SALE section because I would buy out the store if I could.  And live in yoga capris and Remix hoodies.  Yessss.

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3. Finding the motivation to study for finals when you already know that you’re going to college is ridiculously difficult.  I’m usually a pretty good, motivated student, which is probably how I got into college in the first place, but now I am having so much trouble mustering up the strength to study!  Must…find…motivation.


That is all for now.  Enjoy your holidays 🙂