This is going to be a long post because (a) I have time to write it and (b) my page view # has dropped exponentially and I don’t like seeing that big negative slope.  Can you see I’ve started math class again?

Anyway, some of you probably care about the fancy shmancy stuff I’ve been eating as of late.  Here you go…

Various cereals


Plenty of peanut butter… I’ve been loving this kind.

Plus it was on sale at Target.


These bars.  They seriously taste like a glob of cookie dough.  ‘Nuff said.  More sugar than I would like… but if you’re craving cookie dough (as I often do) these are a better option than making a batch and eating it by the spoonful.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Raspberries.  They’re finally in season.  Yes.

Raspberry, Coconut, Starfruit, Mango

I also happen to love Fruity Cuties.


Onto the next story… yesterday I was helping out at a cross-country meet because… yeah, XC + POTS just isn’t working out.  I’m still going to help time at all the meets though because they’re fun.  One of the girls timing with me asked why I wasn’t running, so I told her.  Her response? Me too!  Her doctors think she has POTS, too.  How weird is that?  I’ve never met anyone else with it before, so it was cool to figure this out.  Her symptoms sounded eerily similar to mine, but she hasn’t received an official diagnosis yet.  I told her to drink a lot of water.  She sighed and said “Yea… I know.”  🙂



(I’m instating this to make sure I finish it.  If I’m not done before October 1st, please pester me with annoying comments.  I won’t be offended.  Thank you.)

Transcript – requested

Information – done!

Essay – drafted

Supplement – not started

Teacher rec – I know who’s writing it