If you’ve been reading this blog (or at least the recipes), you know I love peanut butter.  So when Nutty’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter sent me a sample, I practically tore open the package.

Here’s a bit of info on the company- such a cute story!

Nutty’s Old Fashioned Peanut Butter started years ago in the mind of a little girl who always wanted to open her own peanut butter and jelly shop. As an adult, Carrie’s kitchen became her lab, where crazy concoctions emerged.  In 2002 with the help of her husband Keith they opened The Original Peanut Butter Emporium in Overton, Texas. Carrie and Keith have combined their love of history and nostalgia with their love of peanut butter to create a unique peanut butter experience.

There are 12 varieties of Nutty’s Peanut Butter, and they’re all-natural.  They all sound scrumptious!  I received Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup… how could it be bad?


Please ignore the unattractiveness of this computer picture.

It’s not a Nikon or a Canon.

That would be so cool if it was, though!


Anyway, this peanut butter is sooo yummy!  It reminds me of PB&Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams, though I like Nutty’s better.  It has a gritty texture (that’s a good thing) and the perfect amount of chocolate- it doesn’t overpower the peanut butter.  It really tastes like a PB cup!! 🙂


Nutty’s has shops in Texas, but you can buy it from me through OpenSky!  This 3-pack (believe me, you’ll want 3 jars!) includes PB Cup, Chocolate Marble, and White Chocolate Chip.  For only $24, you get them all! 🙂


Thank you for reading!  Enjoy your weekend 😀