Hello 🙂

I woke up late today- 9:30 am!  And I was surprisingly not hungry.  Hmm.  I ate breakfast anyway.  Apparently eating it within 1 hour after waking up kick-starts your metabolism- always a good thing.  I had a cup of Oatmeal Squares and a vanilla Chobani yogurt.  I was going to mix them together, but decided against it since Oatmeal Squares are perfect on their own!  Love ‘em.

7-26 002

Am I the only one out there who doesn’t like cereal with milk?  Ick.

7-26 003

Yummy squares!!!  If you’ve never tried these before (I know they’re not the most… er… beautiful cereal) then I highly recommend you do!  They’re very nutritious, filling, and sweet but not too sweet.

After breakfast I headed to The Container Store to buy a backpack.  I found it online and it was just too cute!  I usually bring a tote to school, but this year I decided to go with the classic backpack.  The three years of tote-bag-carrying were starting to hurt my back.  Either that or I just have a weak back.

7-26 007

I also stopped at the World Market… I was on a mission.  A mission to find Koala Yummies.  Remember those?  The little hollow cookies with koalas drawn on that chocolate creme inside? I used to eat them all the time when I was little.  Now they’re all but gone.  World Market sells the next best thing, though… Hello Panda cookies!

7-26 005

They’re just as good as I remember.  And they’re from Singapore.

When I got home from my shopping excursion it was time for lunch.  I was craving peanut butter + banana so that’s what I made.  I warmed up a slice of La Brea bread (aka the best bread ever) in the microwave and topped it with peanut butter and banana slices.  Yum!


7-26 004

I spread some more peanut butter on the rest of the banana.  This is the best combination! 🙂

7-26 006

After lunch I headed to a post-op checkup with the oral surgeon.  Luckily everything healed fine.  Then my mom and I went to Dairy Queen!  I didn’t snap a photo because my ice cream was melting fast, but I got a chocolate cone.  So good!

Then I got to work on more AP homework.  Which is what I should be doing now.  😦

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer day!

❤ C