After reading Court & Whit’s post asking for stories about fitness revelations, I’ve decided to share mine.

Since I was 3 years old, I’ve been obsessed with ballet.  I’d watch “Tendu the Tulip” on VHS every day and dance along.  My parents sure enjoyed that.  To get me away from the TV, they enrolled me in ballet lessons.  My goal had always been to get my pointe shoes, and eventually I did!


Yes, they hurt.  Not as much as you would think, but it’s not as easy as the professional ballerinas make it look.

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But everything changed in May of my freshman year.  As part of gym class, we were required to participate in an 8k race.  We were supposed to run at least half of it, but I ended up running the entire time.  I never was a runner, but it just came easily to me.  I got 3rd place out of all the girls, and when I showed my mom the medal, she thought I was kidding!  I really was not a runner!

On a whim, I joined the cross-country team my sophomore year.  It was supposed to be just a fun activity to do alone with ballet, but it quickly became my main extracurricular.  As I got faster, I got more motivated, and I joined the track team the following spring.


And that’s that. :)  Though I don’t do ballet anymore, I still love to run.  It’s how I relax, and the farther I run, the better I feel.  =D